Our Mission is to help teachers lessen the burden of spending their own money.
It is a known fact teachers unselfishly spend their own money each school year. They want the best for their students, a decorated classroom, stocked with supplies, provide interesting projects and technology to help motivate and learn. Aid for Educators directly helps our teachers lessen the burden of spending their own money. You can view this short video to see how supplies are important to our teachers.

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Joe Hooks , 5th Grade - I purchased a desk organizer, a wireless mouse which really helps me with may ability to move around my room and control my computer which aids in classroom management. I brought a few math games like bingo and some flash cards so far. Still have a lot of funds left Thank you
Jimmy Litherland, 9th Grade - I received my award last week and it was a tremendous help in obtaining supplies for the classroom. The award assisted me in preparing my classroom to be an organized and creative environment that maximizes space and time for student learning. Additionally, the materials that I was able to obtain with the award will allow my students to have access to the essential utensils of learning. Thank you so much for your assistance
Lee Ann Jerome, 2nd Grade - I was there when you gave Ms Webber her award last year at Sherrod. Thank you for helping first year teachers. It's such a trying time to get everything needed for your class and I don't get my first paycheck until the end of September. Your organization is truly a blessing!
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Chipotle Fundraiser
Chipotle Fundraiser

Thank you to our supporters and Chipotle for making the fundraiser a success.  Good food and drink enjoyed by all.
Garage Sale Fundraiser
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UTA Students Helping Aid for Educators
UTA students Graham, Amanda, Christina, and Mahek gave a great final exam presentation on social media and Aid for Educators. Thank you for your hard work and giving some great ideas.
UTA PR Campaign Class
Texas U Can Paint Fundraiser Texas U Can Paint
Fundraiser for Aid for Educators. Thanks to everyone who showed up.
World of Beer
Aid for Educators would like to thank all the folks who attended and made the fundraiser a success. A special thanks to Dustin, Sebastiene, Aisha and the other students for their hard work and dedication.  
Fuzzys Tacos Fundraiser Fuzzy's Taco Shop
Thank you to Fuzzy's and the students who helped support our teachers.  

"If you appreciate a teacher in your life or appreciate a teacher in the lives of your children then AID for EDUCATORS is the organization that gives you the ability to truly say, Thank You!"
Aid for Educators is a 501(c)3 non-profit, public charity. Contributions to Aid for Educators are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Aid for Educators is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devices, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.    Donor Pledge Form


UTA PR Class
Most public school children are provided with the necessary school supplies. Strongly Agree 2.2% / Agree 7.6% / Neutral 22.8%/Disagree 41.3% / Strongly Disagree 26.1%
It is acceptable that teachers spend hundreds of dollars out of their own pocket each year to provide supplies for their classrooms. Strongly Agree 2.2% / Agree 5.4% / Neutral 5.4% / Disagree 18.5% / Strongly Disagree 68.5%
Do you think the community should help teachers by donating necessary supplies for their classes? Yes 80.4% / No 10.9% / Not Sure 8.7%
Would you attend a fundraiser for Aid for Educators? Yes 46.7% / No 10.9% / Maybe 42.4 %
If unable to attend, would you donate to Aid for Educators? Yes 32.2% / No 11.1% / Maybe 55.6%

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